The Engagement Haiku

I found you a ring
Of pink, white, and yellow gold.
Matching your necklace.

They need your ring size
To order it from Europe.
It can not be stretched.

The "M"-word scares me.
"Commitment" makes me panic.
But I adore you.

There are still issues,
Things that we must determine.
But I adore you.

Though they will take work,
I have confidence in us:
We will resolve them.

And in the meantime,
I want to reserve the spot
Closest to your heart.

I love you.  You fit.
You make me laugh hard out loud.
You bring tears of joy.

James A. DeLaHunt,
You are quite perfect enough.
Will you marry me?


Presented by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood to Jim DeLaHunt, 10. December 1996.

Maintained by Jim DeLaHunt. Last updated 1/5/97.
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